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Journal of BORON is the first and only journal in the Science World, in which original and basic scientific research and application studies related to boron are published. Aim of Journal is combining groups and making a boron group which includes researchers and readers who interest in boron. Also it shares current technologies, original methods, applications and all approaches about boron.

Journal of BORON covers all aspects of boron science, boron technology, boron usage, boron chemicals and fields which used boron. The journal focuses on innovative element boron giving interdisciplinary insights on a broad range of fields including science, medicine, energy, engineering, agriculture, pharmacy, defense industry, mine industry, chemical industry and aerospace industry. The journal publishes an attractive mixture of peer-reviewed scientific reviews, original research papers and short communications such as technical note.

Journal of BORON is published by National Boron Research Institute (BOREN). This journal is a member of Turkish Journal Park Academic. BOREN has felt joyful for providing the coordination of readers, sharing results of research-development (R&D) with easy and fast techniques and making a boron group. Please visit the Journal website for especially Author Guides and detail information about the journal. We expect you to register then update your information on website of the journal to be a reviewer and to send online article. Information about announcements, projects and title of published articles will be sent by e-mail to the registered readers, authors and reviewers. We expect you to send articles and follow the journal.




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Vol 1, No 1 (2016)

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